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In the current era, health records are maintained by healthcare service providers such as hospitals. When patients switch between healthcare service providers either due to relocation / travel or other service related issues, it become extremely difficult to get their historical healthcare data available for the new care provider. Maintenance of a tamper proof and credible mechanism for the storage and management of personal health records is a potential solution to address this issue. The personal health record can be owned by the patient with an appropriate data protection mechanism and can be shared for specified durations to healthcare providers whenever required. Blockchain based technology offers itself as the most suitable mechanism to implement such a system. Our proposal "SwaasthyaChain" is a novel attempt in this direction.

Each citizen with a Blockchain-based identity (UHC) could grant permission to doctors for accessing their medical records as and when required. We can integrate Blockchain based mobile app with an alert system that informs the emergency situation of citizens to the nearest hospital without loosing their privilege to hold e-health identity. An analysis of tamper-proof medical history of the UHC holder helps to diagnose severe health issues and epidemics at its early stages. We also propose an Emergency Protocol feature, which plays a vital role to enhance the coverage of treatments to the rural / remote areas.


Powered by Blockchain technology, SwasthyaChain maintains a decentralized and tamper-proof health record which has an inbuilt emergency protocol feature.

Powered by Blockchain

Swasthyachain is powered by Blockchain that makes the patient health record immutable and tamper-proof

Health Record that moves with you

You have only one decentralized record that maintains your health information from birth to death, irrespective of the healthcare provider.

Emergency Protocol

You may choose whom the healthcare professional contact in case you are in emergency to unlock the EHR


There are 3 primary users of Swastyachain.


Patient owns their medical records. The medical record can only be accessed by accepting the consent or patients biometrics. Able to view all the previous medical history including diagnosis, test report and prescription. The patient can add one or more other persons as emergency contact


You have only one decentralized record that maintains your health information from birth to death, irrespective of the healthcare provider.

Paramedical Staffs

Paramedical professional are able to add the test report of a patient after getting the consent from the patient. They are also capable of using the emergency protocol to view the emergency contact details.

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